S. Giorgio Maggiore Early Morning (1819) by Joseph Mallord William Turner

S. Giorgio Maggiore Early Morning - Joseph Mallord William Turner - 1819

Artwork Information

TitleS. Giorgio Maggiore Early Morning
ArtistJoseph Mallord William Turner
Dimensions22.4 x 28.7 cm
Current LocationTate Gallery, London

About S. Giorgio Maggiore Early Morning

Created by the iconic British painter Joseph Mallord William Turner in 1819, ‘San Giorgio Maggiore’ is an example of his early works. This painting, created in watercolor and measuring 28 cm x 22 cm, was inspired by the Venetian landscape surrounding the city of Venice. The landscape setting of the painting features clear blue skies with a bright sun rising in the distance. It depicts boats carrying people and goods as they move towards San Giorgio Maggiore island. The original artwork is currently housed at the Tate Gallery in London.

The piece serves as a reminder of the importance Turner placed on capturing natural beauty within his paintings – one can almost feel like they are there on that peaceful morning in Venice. By concentrating on light and color, this painting exemplifies Turner’s impressive talent for creating vivid imagery that transports viewers to a distant place even centuries later.

Although ‘San Giorgio Maggiore’ is one of Joseph Mallord William Turner’s earlier pieces from 1819, it stands testament to his skillful eye when it comes to crafting beautiful artwork inspired by nature. Another excellent example of his gift for artistry is seen in ‘Procession Of Boats With Distant Smoke, Venice’, which he painted around 1845. Together ‘San Giorgio Maggiore’ and ‘Procession Of Boats With Distant Smoke, Venice’ represent two examples of how Turner was able to capture the beauty of Venice through artfully painted pieces that stand timelessly beautiful even today – a true master at work!

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