SABINA 2 (2021) by Antonio Zucchiatti

SABINA 2 - Antonio Zucchiatti - 2021

Artwork Information

ArtistAntonio Zucchiatti
MediumAcrylic, Pastel on Canvas

About SABINA 2

The artwork titled “SABINA 2” is a creation of the artist Antonio Zucchiatti, completed in the year 2021. This abstract piece is rendered using acrylic and pastel on a canvas that measures 39.4 by 39.4 inches. Zucchiatti’s work is conceptualized within the abstract genre and is a part of the abstract art movement.

The artwork presents a visually intricate composition that merges elements of abstraction with a hint of representational form, mainly portraying what appears to be a fragmented visage. The canvas is dominated by a palette that involves various shades of blue, black, and white, with the boldest color being the blue, which adds a dynamic and cooler tone to the work. Amidst the abstract elements, such as the gestural brushstrokes, splatters, and textured patches, one discerns portions of a human face. The eyes especially draw attention, imparting a sense of focus and intensity that contrasts with the otherwise chaotic surrounds.

The facial features are intricately detailed, suggesting a realism that is starkly juxtaposed with the abstract quality of the painting. The layering and interplay of colors, textures, and shapes result in a visual depth that may evoke emotional responses, inviting introspection about the relationship between order and disorder, visibility and obscurity.

Sabina 2, as a piece of abstract art, is representative of Zucchiatti’s foray into exploring the boundaries between the figurative and the abstract, an exploration that many in the abstract movement also engage with, challenging viewers’ perceptions and encouraging them to find meaning beyond traditional representation.

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