Sacra Conversazione (Madonna della Vittoria) (1496) by Andrea Mantegna

Sacra Conversazione (Madonna della Vittoria) - Andrea Mantegna - 1496

Artwork Information

TitleSacra Conversazione (Madonna della Vittoria)
ArtistAndrea Mantegna
MediumTempera on Canvas
Dimensions280 x 160 cm
Current LocationMusee du Louvre, Paris

About Sacra Conversazione (Madonna della Vittoria)

Andrea Mantegna’s “Sacra Conversazione” is a beautiful 1496 Italian masterpiece. It depicts the Virgin Mary surrounded by saints and angels and an open space, which is characteristic of artist’s early style. The painting was first given its title “Sacra Conversazione” in Paris when it was moved to the Louvre Museum and is now referred to as the “Madonna Della Vittoria”.

Mantegna embraced a distinctive form of detailed realism for his madonnas, provoking admiration and amazement for centuries. This technique is seen in his other Italian masterpiece, “The Madonna And Child” also known as “Madonna Of The Caves” which was painted around 1489-90, depicting a strange and moving celebration of motherhood on the outer facade of a rocky landscape. This work continues to demonstrate Mantegna’s gift for subtle illusionism and complex interplay between figure and their environment.

The use of Renaissance techniques evident in Andre Mantegna’s artwork provides us with an extraordinary insight into the visual culture of Italy during this period. The powerful potential of these works have been recognised by many art historians as they continue to inspire awe and admiration throughout generations.

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