Sacred and Profane Love (1514) by Titian

Sacred and Profane Love - Titian - 1514 - 2

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Artwork Information

TitleSacred and Profane Love
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions279 x 118 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationBorghese Gallery, Rome, Italy
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About Sacred and Profane Love

Titian’s painting, Sacred and Profane Love, depicts two women and a winged boy in an allegorical scene. The painting was commissioned by Niccolò Aurelio to celebrate his marriage to Laura Bagarotto. Although the exact meaning of the work is still debated, it is generally accepted that the two women represent twin Venuses according to Neoplatonic theory and symbolism.The nudity of one of the women adds sexuality to the content of work which carries more weight being entrenched in western art tradition.

Technically, Titian used several pigments for the coloration of Sacred and Profane Love which were identified through x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy as lead white, azurite, lead-tin yellow, vermilion ,yellow ochre among others with warmth represented by coral pigment. In contrast to contemporary works like Allegory which are easier understand owing its theme complexity.

Interestingly enough even though it’s one Titian’s most important works,it’s title was found mentioned in an inventory centuries later after it’s production potentially unrelated to real meaning behind work.However literary themes associated with this masterpiece have been suggested by poet -humanist Pietro Bembo who could have influenced Titian with ideas for painting.

Despite not knowing everything about Sacred and Profane Love and its precise contexts /events leading to its composition ,religious connotation metaphorical use appears in other known pieces pre-dating this artwork having Neoplatonic underpinnings making this another rendition on joining Eros and Venus as part-populuxe neo-Platonism trend.Then if you are looking for more information about similar artworks from past or auctions price estimates you can check on MutualArt( an online service site) .

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