Sailing Ship with Dinghy (1908; Vienna, Austria) by Egon Schiele

Sailing Ship with Dinghy - Egon Schiele - 1908; Vienna, Austria

Artwork Information

TitleSailing Ship with Dinghy
ArtistEgon Schiele
Date1908; Vienna, Austria
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Sailing Ship with Dinghy

The painting titled “Sailing Ship with Dinghy” was created by Egon Schiele in 1908 in Vienna, Austria. This artwork, which was crafted using oil on cardboard, is a example of the marina genre and is aligned with the Impressionist movement. The painting is currently held in a private collection.

“Sailing Ship with Dinghy” by Schiele is a representation of nautical vessels, capturing the lines and structures of the boats. The artwork focuses on the contrast between the large sailing ship and the smaller dinghy beside it, emphasizing their forms and the reflection on the water’s surface. Schiele’s use of thick, visible brushstrokes and bold colors is prevalent, reflecting his Impressionist influence. The mood is one of quiet observation, with the ship’s details and rigging meticulously rendered against the broader strokes of color that represent the water and sky.

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