Saint Bernadine (1531) by Titian

Saint Bernadine - Titian - 1531

Artwork Information

TitleSaint Bernadine
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Saint Bernadine

The artwork titled “Saint Bernadine” was created by the renowned artist Titian in the year 1531. This oil on canvas belongs to the era of the High Renaissance, a period known for its remarkable artwork that exemplified principles of balance, harmony, and perspective. The genre of the painting is religious, a common subject matter for the time, which reflects the spiritual themes and exalted individuals of Christianity. Titian’s masterpiece is held in a private collection and is not on public display.

The artwork depicts a solitary figure, garbed in traditional religious attire, suggesting the status of the subject as a holy person. One might observe the meticulous brushwork and skillful use of shading to create a sense of depth and form. The figure is captured in a moment of reflection or prayer, conveying a sense of piety and reverence. The choice of composition, where the figure is slightly turned away from the viewer, allows for an intimate glimpse into the subject’s inner devotion, without infringing on the solemn moment being depicted. The subdued color palette emphasizes the artwork’s serene and contemplative mood.

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