Saint John (1621) by Guido Reni

Saint John - Guido Reni - 1621

Artwork Information

TitleSaint John
ArtistGuido Reni
Dimensions78 x 65 cm
Art MovementBaroque
Current LocationBob Jones University (BJU), Greenville, SC, US

About Saint John

The artwork “Saint John” created by the artist Guido Reni in 1621 is an exemplary representation of the Baroque art movement. It measures 78 by 65 centimeters and falls within the genre of religious painting. The painting is currently housed at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina, United States.

The painting depicts Saint John as a youthful, contemplative figure with delicate features rendered in soft light, which is characteristic of the Baroque period. His gaze is directed downward towards an open book, which he is intently writing in with a quill pen, suggesting his role as the author of the Gospel. His attire consists of a striking red cloak draped over a more somber, earth-toned garment, which helps to draw attention to the expression of focus and dedication on his face. The use of chiaroscuro, with the stark contrasts between light and shadow, amplifies the three-dimensional form of the figure and evokes a dramatic, yet intimate atmosphere, inviting onlookers to engage emotionally with the saint’s spiritual experience.

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