Saint John the Baptist Preaching (1878) by Auguste Rodin

Saint John the Baptist Preaching - Auguste Rodin - 1878

Artwork Information

TitleSaint John the Baptist Preaching
ArtistAuguste Rodin
Dimensions(80 x 48.3 x 24.1 cm)

About Saint John the Baptist Preaching


Auguste Rodin’s bronze sculpture, Saint John the Baptist Preaching, is a masterpiece that embodies determination and inspiration. Modeled in 1877, Rodin presented a plaster model of the larger than life figure at the Salon of 1880. It is considered to be his first life-size masterpiece and established his reputation as a sculptor at age 40.

The sculpture depicts Saint John preaching with arms outstretched and head tilted upwards. The figure exudes an air of authority with its muscular form, while also conveying a sense of spiritual enlightenment through its facial expression. Rodin’s attention to detail is revealed in his ability to capture every fold in Saint John’s robe and imbue it with movement through subtle twists and turns.

Saint John the Baptist Preaching was acquired by the French state in 1884 for the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. The sculpture has attracted art lovers from around the world who admire Rodin’s masterful use of texture, light, and space to create this powerful image. Today, it remains one of Rodin’s most celebrated works which have inspired many subsequent artists.

In summary, Saint John The Baptist Preaching by Auguste Rodin is an impressive bronze sculpture that represents spiritual enlightenment through its vigilant posture and powerful expression. It exhibits intricate details such as folds in Saint Johns’ robe that are captured subtly yet impeccably giving it an appearance full of motion thanks to its twists and folds technique used skillfully by Auguste Rodin throughout his entire career as an artist. This artwork brought him immediate recognition as well as establishing him firmly amongst Europe’s leading artists while ensuring lasting worldwide impact on contemporary art practices today.


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