Saint Mark Enthroned (1510) by Titian

Saint Mark Enthroned - Titian - 1510

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TitleSaint Mark Enthroned
Dimensions149 x 230 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationSanta Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy

About Saint Mark Enthroned

The artwork “Saint Mark Enthroned” is a religious painting completed by the artist Titian, dating back to the year 1510. It is painted with the medium of oil on canvas and measures 149 x 230 cm. This painting exemplifies the High Renaissance art movement and currently resides within the sacrosanct walls of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, Italy.

In the artwork, Saint Mark, the author of the second Gospel, is depicted magnificently enthroned, dominating the composition with an air of divine authority. His presence is grand and central, clothed in vibrant drapery of rich pinks and celestial blues, which enliven the portrayal with contrast and vitality. The evangelist sits loftily against a backdrop of open sky, symbolizing the heavenly sphere and his divine inspiration.

Below him, an assemblage of figures, diverse in their expressions and attire, garners the fore. These figures bear the hallmarks of contemporaneous Venetians, which not only grounds the scene in the palpable world but also acts as a testament to the artist’s ability to blend the sacred narrative with worldly representation. The checkerboard flooring anchors the scene in a perspective that both invites the viewer into the space and emphasizes the elevated position of Saint Mark.

Titian’s mastery over color, light, and human form is evident in this masterpiece, where the ethereal is masterfully married with the earthly, capturing the essence of High Renaissance ideals—harmony, balance, and proportion. This painting is not only a celebration of the divine but also a demonstration of the artist’s virtuosic skill, cementing his place among the most eminent painters of his time.

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