Saint Peter (1516 – 1518) by Titian

Saint Peter - Titian - 1516 - 1518

Artwork Information

TitleSaint Peter
Date1516 - 1518
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Saint Peter

The artwork titled “Saint Peter” was created by the renowned artist Titian between the years 1516 and 1518. Executed in oil on canvas, it is a significant work from the High Renaissance period, emblematic of the artistic movement’s ideals and aesthetic principles. The genre of the painting falls within the realm of religious depictions, which was a central theme of artistic expression during the Renaissance. Currently, the artwork resides in a private collection, limiting public access and viewings.

In describing the artwork, one would note the presence of a figure traditionally identified as Saint Peter, one of the most important and frequently depicted saints in Christian iconography. The composition would likely place Saint Peter in a pose signifying his role and importance, perhaps holding keys or a book, or engaged in a gesture of teaching or blessing, which are common attributes associated with the saint.

The style of the High Renaissance is known for its emphasis on balance, harmony, and the naturalistic portrayal of the human figure, captured by Titian with masterful use of color and light, contributing to a sense of depth and volume in the representation of Saint Peter. The artwork would be characterized by fine detailing and an overall composition that leads the viewer’s eye throughout the painting, inspiring contemplation and reverence for the subject matter.

Since the actual painting is not provided here, this description relies on typical characteristics of Titian’s work and general High Renaissance art.

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