Saltillo Mansion (1943) by Edward Hopper

Saltillo Mansion - Edward Hopper - 1943

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Artwork Information

TitleSaltillo Mansion
ArtistEdward Hopper
Dimensions54 x 68.9 cm
Art MovementNew Realism
Current LocationMetropolitan Museum of Art (Met), New York City, NY, US
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About Saltillo Mansion

Edward Hopper’s artwork titled “Saltillo Mansion” from 1943 is an exemplar of the New Realism art movement. The piece measures 54 by 68.9 cm and falls within the landscape genre. Currently, it is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, NY, US.

The artwork portrays an outdoor scene centered around an elegant building that suggests an affluent dwelling or a mansion. The architecture of the mansion features meticulous ornamental detailing, typical of grand, historic structures. The edifice is composed of light-colored stones or stucco, which provides a marked contrast against the vivid purple sky. The window, with its intricate curtain, draws interest, suggesting a boundary between the interior life and the exterior world.

In the foreground, there is an outdoor terrace with geometrically patterned railings, and an array of steps leads the eye towards the mansion. Flanking the architecture are hints of lush greenery, thus situating the mansion within a natural context. The sky above is animated with clouds, conveying a sense of movement and a moment captured in time.

Hopper’s precise and controlled brushwork is evident in the artwork, emphasizing clarity and the interplay between light and shadow. The artwork’s composition, with its emphasis on structure and the notable absence of human figures, evokes a sense of solitude and quietude, a theme often explored by the artist in his works. With Hopper’s typical restrained color palette and deft attention to light, the artwork encapsulates a snapshot of a serene, isolated moment, possibly reflecting the introspective nature of the human condition.

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