San-Marco square in Venice (1895; Italy) by Eugene Boudin

San-Marco square in Venice - Eugene Boudin - 1895; Italy

Artwork Information

TitleSan-Marco square in Venice
ArtistEugene Boudin
Date1895; Italy
Art MovementImpressionism

About San-Marco square in Venice

The artwork titled “San-Marco square in Venice” is an oil painting created by the renowned artist Eugene Boudin in the year 1895, during a time when he was in Italy. This painting is a notable piece representative of the Impressionist art movement, a genre that captures the essence of a scene with a focus on natural light and atmospheric conditions. Boudin’s work is categorized under the cityscape genre, which portrays the physical aspects of a city or urban area.

In this particular artwork by Boudin, the viewer is presented with a vivid portrayal of the bustling San Marco Square set against the backdrop of Venice’s iconic architecture. The composition is characterized by its dynamic brushwork and the interplay of light and color that is emblematic of Impressionist painting. The city buildings are depicted with a sense of immediacy and fluidity, suggesting movement and life within the static structures.

Reflecting typical aspects of Impressionism, the focus is not on sharp architectural details but on the overall atmosphere and the effects of light on the structures and water. Boudin has captured the shimmering reflections on the water of the lagoon, revealing his preoccupation with natural light and its fleeting qualities. Small boats and gondolas can be seen on the water, adding a human element to the scene and creating a sense of scale and everyday life in Venice. The sky is a dramatic element with swirling, soft-edged clouds floating above, contributing to the transient mood of the artwork. Overall, “San-Marco square in Venice” is both a moment in time and an exploration of visual sensation, showcasing Boudin’s ability to encapsulate the ephemeral beauty of the cityscape before him.

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