Sandhill Country (2013) by Abie Loy Kemarre

Sandhill Country - Abie Loy Kemarre - 2013

Artwork Information

TitleSandhill Country
ArtistAbie Loy Kemarre
Art MovementNative Art
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About Sandhill Country

The artwork titled “Sandhill Country” by Abie Loy Kemarre, created in 2013, is an abstract piece that can be categorized within the Native Art movement. The image presented exemplifies this abstract genre, featuring a complex pattern of vibrant, curving lines that create a sense of movement and depth on the canvas.

The artwork immediately draws the viewer’s eye with its rich, curvilinear forms that resemble the undulating patterns of a topographical landscape or the natural contours formed by sand dunes. The lines are rhythmic and exhibit a variety of colors, including shades of purple, yellow, red, and white, which stand out against the dark background. The different hues are arrayed in a way that seems to suggest depth, as if the image is a cross-section of geological strata or waves of sand. A notable feature of the composition is the stark white line that zigzags down the center, partitioning the canvas into two mirrored halves. This central line may represent a path or divide within the sandhill context the artist is referencing, thereby adding a narrative or symbolic dimension to the piece.

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