“Sans Titre no 18” (2019) by Patrick Piccinelli

Artwork Information

Title"Sans Titre no 18"
ArtistPatrick Piccinelli
MediumAcrylic, Spray Paint on Canvas
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About "Sans Titre no 18"

The artwork “Sans Titre no 18” is a creation by Patrick Piccinelli, dated to the year 2019. It is an abstract piece, executed using acrylic and spray paint on canvas, measuring 27.6 by 31.5 inches. As a representation of the abstract art genre, it is part of the wider abstract movement that emphasizes shapes, colors, and textures over representational accuracy.

The artwork features a geometric composition that balances solid color blocks with textured patterns. On the left and right margins of the canvas, there are vertical areas left in white, framing the central composition and perhaps providing a sense of boundary or contrast. The central segment of the canvas presents four horizontally-aligned rectangles, each bearing a different visual treatment. The far-left rectangle is saturated in deep black, providing a stark, dense visual anchor. Adjacent to this, a blue-black rectangle harbors a similarly rich hue, albeit with a visible difference in texture and tone. Next to it, a softer, muted blue square suggests a gentle shift in the palette, while also changing the symmetry and rhythm of the composition. The final rectangle on the right mirrors the first, featuring a complex pattern of fine lines or scribbles that lend the work a sense of movement and raw energy. This physicality of application could be indicative of the spray paint medium’s influence. Overall, the artwork reflects a balance between the calculated precision of geometry and the organic variability of texture and color application.

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