SC_148_”connected_I” (2019) by Martina Hartusch


Artwork Information

ArtistMartina Hartusch
MediumAcrylic, Collage on Canvas

About SC_148_"connected_I"

The artwork entitled “SC_148_’connected_I’,” created by Martina Hartusch in 2019, stands as an exemplar of abstract art. The medium utilized for this creation is acrylic and collage on canvas, measuring 31.5 by 31.5 inches. As a piece of abstract art, it does not directly depict objects from the visible world but instead uses forms, colors, and textures to achieve its effect.

At first glance, the artwork unfolds a rich tapestry of textures and colors that intermingle across the canvas. A dominant palette of blues and golds creates a striking contrast, reminiscent of natural elements such as the earth and the sea. The technique applied results in an intriguing cracked effect that traverses the canvas, suggesting fragmentation or perhaps a coming together of disparate components. This texture-intensive surface is augmented by fine lines and what appears to be a network of intertwined formations—perhaps evoking a sense of connectivity, as referenced by the title.

The collage elements in the artwork add a multi-dimensional layer, offering glimpses of possibly underlying narratives or hidden structures within the piece. The artwork’s abstract nature invites viewers to interpret it subjectively, providing a personal experience that can vary greatly from one observer to another.

In essence, “SC_148_’connected_I'” is a sophisticated and thought-provoking work that exemplifies the abstract genre’s capacity for evoking emotion and contemplation through non-representational means.

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