Scent (1973-74) by Jasper Johns

Scent - Jasper Johns - 1973-74

Artwork Information

ArtistJasper Johns
MediumOil and encaustic on Canvas
Dimensions182.9 x 320.6 cm (72 x 126 1/4")
Current LocationCollection Ludwig, Aachen

About Scent

Jasper Johns, a renowned American artist, created “Scent,” a painting in 1973-74. This work features the “hatching” image that later became the sole focus of a 1974 print. To create “Scent,” Johns joined several canvases and added various found objects to them.

Johns is famous for using recurring motifs such as the American flag in his art. His works regularly sell for millions of dollars at auctions, indicating his recognition and success in the art world. His art combines mastery, mystery, simplicity, contradiction, and cycles of revision and repetition.

“Scent” is an essential piece in Johns’ Abstract Expressionism style; it has been interpreted into various formats such as prints since its creation. The painting’s hatching image stands out due to its repetitive nature on different canvases joined together with found objects. This unique way of creating art has contributed to Johns’ recognition as an innovative artist known for breaking norms.

In conclusion, Jasper Johns’ painting “Scent” from 1973-74 is an important piece in his collection due to its unique combination of painting and found objects that represent Abstract Expressionism’s style. It highlights how artists can venture outside traditional methods and make significant contributions to their field through different approaches.

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