Sea Form (1985) by Dale Chihuly

Sea Form - Dale Chihuly - 1985

Artwork Information

TitleSea Form
ArtistDale Chihuly
Dimensions8 x 32 x 38 in

About Sea Form

Sea Form is a captivating glass artwork that consists of three bowl-shaped parts interlocked with each other. The world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly created this masterpiece in 1985, using free-blowing techniques to produce the thin, transparent forms and spiral wraps of color that are characteristic of his Sea Forms series. The piece features mauve glass with trails of dark mauve, blue, and green, which he obtained by manipulating the colored glass when it’s still hot.

Chihuly’s Sea Forms evolved from his Baskets series, which also uses delicate shapes and fine details to capture the beauty and fragility of blown glass art. The uppermost part of this sculpture contains a glass globe, adding an extra dimension to its intricate design. It highlights Chihuly’s ability to push boundaries as an artist while staying true to his distinctive style.

Dale Chihuly is considered one of the most innovative and significant artists in contemporary art history. He revolutionized the role of hand-blown glass by elevating it from craft into high fine art status. His creations are often inspired by nature and organic forms pushed to their exaggerated yet elegant limits. Through his dynamic process-driven works like Sea Form, he has opened doors for future artists who manipulate materials through untraditional ways.

Sea Form represents not only a defining piece in Dale Chihuly’s oeuvre but also marks a milestone in the progression of fine art made from blown-glass medium. Its intricate and organic form can be seen as both soothing waves on calm beachfronts or complex microorganisms under intense scrutiny—depending on one’s interpretation making it an iconic sculpture that captivates viewers around the world.

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