Sea Form (1984) by Dale Chihuly

Sea Form - Dale Chihuly - 1984

Artwork Information

TitleSea Form
ArtistDale Chihuly
Dimensions20 x 30 x 34 in
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About Sea Form

Sea Form is a stunning piece of art created by Dale Chihuly, a visionary artist who transformed blown glass from craft to high fine art. His artwork is born of process, and Chihuly balances the content with the properties of the material used; in this case, glass.

The Sea Form sculpture highlights Chihuly’s ability to create thin and transparent spirals that wrap around each other in ribbed patterns that strengthen and add texture to the glass. These colorful swirls represent a natural tribute to the sea, making it unique compared to other Chihuly pieces. The sculptural elements consist of a series of chambers representing its organic form.

The brilliant use of colors such as blues and greens adds depth into the piece giving it an appearance that appears alive or almost breathing on its own. The vibrancy of colors forces viewers into interaction with every inch of artwork as light shines through every part reflecting an immersive setting no matter where it stands.

In summary, Sea Form is one unique piece by Dale Chihuly reflecting his masterful handling abilities with blown glass, allowing him to create intricate sculptures like no other artists. It showcases his vivid ability in his colorful color palette creating stunning spirals giving life-like impressions that captured people’s imagination all over the world.

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