Seagulls (c.1871) by Albert Joseph Moore

Seagulls - Albert Joseph Moore - c.1871

Artwork Information

ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Art MovementAcademicism
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About Seagulls

The artwork named “Seagulls” was created by Albert Joseph Moore around 1871 in the United Kingdom. This portrait is painted in oil on canvas and is associated with the art movement Academicism.

The painting depicts a lone, elegant female figure standing on a beach with her gaze averted from the viewer, looking towards the horizon. She is wrapped in flowing yellow drapery that seems to flutter in the breeze, evoking the movement of the seagulls in the background. The long, sinuous lines of her garments and the subdued color palette are characteristic of Moore’s work, emphasizing beauty and a serene, dream-like quality. The woman’s contemplative pose and classical attire suggest an idealized, almost timeless beauty, which is typical of the Academic style that sought to emulate the high standards and formal qualities found in classical art. The background is relatively simple, with the sea and sky executed in muted tones, drawing the viewer’s focus to the detailed rendering of the figure and her drapes.

Overall, “Seagulls” combines a sense of serene elegance with classical aesthetics, capturing the quiet and poetic nature of its subject in a style that encapsulates the ideals of Moore’s period.

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