Seated Child in a Blue Dress (1889) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Seated Child in a Blue Dress - Pierre-Auguste Renoir - 1889

Artwork Information

TitleSeated Child in a Blue Dress
ArtistPierre-Auguste Renoir
Dimensions64.8 x 54 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Seated Child in a Blue Dress

The artwork titled “Seated Child in a Blue Dress” was created by the esteemed artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir in the year 1889. Renoir composed this portrait using oil on canvas, measuring 64.8 x 54 cm. As a work from the Impressionism movement, it is housed in a private collection. This piece is distinctive of Renoir’s style, which is revered for contributing to the core characteristics of Impressionism.

The artwork depicts a young child seated, dressed in what appears to be a deep blue dress against a warm-toned background. The sitter possesses an introspective glance, looking away from the viewer, which imparts a sense of contemplation or daydreaming, a typical element in Renoir’s portraiture that adds depth to the subject. The child’s hair is rendered with loose, fluid brushstrokes in shades of gold and brown, a technique common to Impressionist painters who aimed to capture the play of light. The background is suggestive of a domestic setting, with indistinct forms that could perhaps be interpreted as furnishings or decorations, painted in broad, rapid strokes.

The use of vibrant and contrasting colors, along with the elusive handling of light, suggests depth and movement, giving the seated child a delicate and lively presence. Renoir’s mastery in portraying the softness of skin and fabric, as well as the overall luminosity achieved through his brushwork, is evident in this portrait. Although the full name of the child is not provided, Renoir’s ability to convey the innocence and vulnerability of childhood in this sensitive portrayal is commendable. This artwork is illustrative of Renoir’s focus on beauty, joy, and capturing the essence of his subjects, which contributed significantly to the impressionism genre.

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