Seated Old Man (1970) by Pablo Picasso

Seated Old Man - Pablo Picasso - 1970

Artwork Information

TitleSeated Old Man
ArtistPablo Picasso
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions144.5 x 114 cm
Art MovementNaïve Art (Primitivism)
Current LocationMusee Picasso, Paris

About Seated Old Man

The artwork titled “Seated Old Man” is a portrait oil on canvas by the renowned artist Pablo Picasso, completed in the year 1970. Embracing the Naïve Art (Primitivism) movement, this piece measures 144.5 by 114 cm. The genre of the artwork is a portrait, and it is currently housed at the Musee Picasso in Paris.

The artwork depicts an elderly male figure sitting, characterized by the bright and varied color palette typical of Picasso’s style. The subject is portrayed with bold, distorted features that reflect the Primitivism aesthetic, a hallmark of Picasso’s later work, where he often returned to simpler forms and childlike representations. The seated figure is adorned in a vividly colored garment with decorative elements that suggest a rustic yet timeless attire, perhaps hinting at the universal and enduring human condition.

The background conveys a sense of dynamism and energy, with swirls of color that could be interpreted as the inner turmoil or vibrant spirit of the subject. Picasso’s use of color and shape creates a powerful visual narrative that transcends the ordinary, inviting viewers to explore the emotional landscape of the portrayed individual. The legacy of Picasso’s pioneering work in various art movements, including Naïve Art, is evident in this composition, where the simplification of form and the directness of expression are at the forefront.

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