Seated woman (1923) by Pablo Picasso

Seated woman - Pablo Picasso - 1923

Artwork Information

TitleSeated woman
ArtistPablo Picasso
Dimensions20.9 x 17.4 cm
Art MovementNeoclassicism
Current LocationAllen Memorial Art Museum (AMAM), Oberlin, OH, US

About Seated woman

The artwork “Seated Woman” is a portrait created by Pablo Picasso in 1923, executed using watercolor on cardboard. It exemplifies the Neoclassical period of Picasso’s work and measures 20.9 by 17.4 cm. The portrait belongs to the collection of the Allen Memorial Art Museum (AMAM) located in Oberlin, Ohio, United States.

This particular piece by Picasso portrays a woman seated against a monochromatic blue background. Her pose exudes a serene composure, and her attire suggests a blend of classical and modern styles indicating the Neoclassical influence during this phase of Picasso’s career. The use of fluid watercolors adds a softness to the depiction, whilst the use of light and shadow on the woman’s dress generates a sense of depth and volume. Picasso’s signature can be discerned at the bottom left, anchoring the piece in its historical and artistic context. Overall, the artwork stands as a testament to Picasso’s versatility and his profound impact on the art world.

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