Sebastian Martinez (1792) by Francisco Goya

Sebastian Martinez - Francisco Goya - 1792

Artwork Information

TitleSebastian Martinez
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions93 x 68 cm
Art MovementRomanticism

About Sebastian Martinez

The artwork titled “Sebastian Martinez” was masterfully painted by the renowned artist Francisco Goya in the year 1792. This portrait is rendered in oil on canvas, encapsulating the Romanticism art movement’s focus on individuality and emotional expression. Measuring 93 by 68 centimeters, the work is part of the portrait genre, showcasing Goya’s ability to capture character and personality.

In the artwork, we observe a seated male figure, likely the eponymous Sebastian Martinez, facing slightly towards the viewer’s left, making direct eye contact. His expression is reserved but reveals a hint of intellect and confidence. The subject is dressed in the fashion typical of the late 18th century, with a blue-gray coat featuring intricate detailing and a white cravat. This attire signifies his social status and refinement. One of his hands delicately holds what appears to be a letter or document bearing his name, further personalizing the portrait. The background is subdued, allowing the focus to remain steadily on the subject. Subtle lighting accentuates the textures and contours of the man’s face and clothing. Through this portrait, Goya has not only immortalized Martinez’s visage but also a sense of his persona and the era in which he lived.

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