Sedge (c.1510; Italy) by Leonardo da Vinci

Sedge - Leonardo da Vinci - c.1510; Italy

Artwork Information

ArtistLeonardo da Vinci
Datec.1510; Italy
Art MovementHigh Renaissance

About Sedge

The artwork titled “Sedge” attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, conceived around circa 1510 in Italy, exemplifies the detailed study sketches characteristic of the High Renaissance period. Employing pencil on paper as the medium, this piece is a fine example of the genre that encompasses sketches and studies, reflecting the meticulous observation and the quest for understanding nature that was prevalent among artists of the time.

This particular study by Leonardo da Vinci showcases a sedge plant. The artwork reveals a striking attention to detail, as evidenced by the delicate lines that define the plant’s structure. The pencil strokes capture the intricate texture of the leaves and the plant’s overall form with remarkable elegance and precision. The finesse of the shading suggests volume and dimensionality, allowing the viewer to sense the sedge’s physical presence. Da Vinci’s masterful technique in this study not only demonstrates his artistic skill but also his profound interest in the natural world, an interest that spanned both art and science. This artwork serves not only as a representation of the sedge but also acts as a testament to Leonardo’s enduring legacy as both an artist and naturalist.

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