Seeing The Moon On A Hot Summer Day (1987) by Helen Frankenthaler

Seeing The Moon On A Hot Summer Day - Helen Frankenthaler - 1987

Artwork Information

TitleSeeing The Moon On A Hot Summer Day
ArtistHelen Frankenthaler
MediumAcrylic On Canvas
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Seeing The Moon On A Hot Summer Day

Helen Frankenthaler’s 1987 abstract expressionist painting “Seeing the Moon on a Hot Summer Day” features her innovative soak-stain technique and use of vibrant colors. The painting is dominated by bold strokes of orange and red against a blue background, evoking the experience of seeing the moon on a hot summer day. The thinned paint poured onto raw canvas creates fields of transparent colors, allowing the image to appear to float in space.

Frankenthaler was renowned for her unique approach to painting, committing herself to the Abstract Expressionist movement while at the same time appreciating past art. Her exhibitions spanned over six decades, spanning multiple generations of abstract painters. This piece is a prime example of Frankenthaler’s staining technique that has been used throughout her career as an artist.

The weave of the canvas establishes a flat image, with each color mixing at different rates creating depth within each layer. Frankenthaler pushes beyond traditional two-dimensional images; this can be seen regarding her incorporation of texture in each stroke from her brush. The result is an incredible visual representation that appears as if we are peering through translucent circles across time and space.

Overall “Seeing The Moon On A Hot Summer Day” represents how versatile abstract expressionism can be when executed well; from its focus on emotional intensity and color field application style in which Helen Frankenthaler essentially created – marking one more milestone out there for female artists seeking both artistic freedom and empowerment alike through their work.

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