Self-portrait (1640) by Rembrandt Van Rijn

Self-portrait - Rembrandt Van Rijn - 1640

Artwork Information

ArtistRembrandt Van Rijn
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions91 x 75 cm
Current LocationNational Gallery, London

About Self-portrait

Self-Portrait at the Age of 34 is a painting by Rembrandt Van Rijn, completed in 1640. It depicts the artist wearing an elaborate costume from the previous century, including a cap with a scalloped edge that was a favorite attribute of the artist. This portrait is one of many self-portraits created by Rembrandt throughout his life.

Rembrandt’s self-portraits evolved over time to become more serious and introspective in nature as he aged. However, Self-Portrait at the Age of 34 stands apart from his other later works for its striking background featuring two drawn circles. The portrait exudes confidence and urbanity, modeled after courtly portraits by Raphael and Titian.

In addition to creating over forty paintings depicting himself, Rembrandt also produced thirty-one etchings and about seven drawings featuring Self-Portraits. His self-portraiture was influenced by his desire to master different techniques and reflect changes in his appearance over time. Overall, this painting remains an important example of both technique and style during Rembrandt’s career as an artist.

With its unique portrayal of Rembrandt’s confidence and fashion sense reflected through an ornate costume, it showcases not only his skill but also gives insight into societal norms during this period in history.

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