Self-portrait (1937) by Aaron Bohrod

Self-portrait - Aaron Bohrod - 1937

Artwork Information

ArtistAaron Bohrod
Dimensions5 x 8 1/2 in

About Self-portrait

Aaron Bohrod, an American realist artist born in Chicago in 1907, was recognized for his diverse works in watercolor and gouache. He became internationally known for his development of the trompe-l’oeil style of highly decorative, detailed still life paintings that created an illusion of real life. He was fond of critiquing mankind’s folly and silliness through his art while using a sense of humor.

One of Bohrod’s artworks is Self-portrait, created in 1937 with gouache on cream laid paper prepared with white ground. The painting showcases Bohrod’s exceptional mastery in realistic painting by depicting himself seated directly facing the viewer. The self-portrait highlights a charming smile gracing his lips and gentle eyes looking out from beneath well-groomed hair.

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