Self-Portrait as a Heel, Part Two (1982) by Jean-Michel Basquait

Self-Portrait as a Heel, Part Two - Jean-Michel Basquait - 1982

Artwork Information

TitleSelf-Portrait as a Heel, Part Two
ArtistJean-Michel Basquait
MediumAcrylic and oil paintstick on Canvas
Dimensions243.8 x 15 cm
Art MovementNeo-Expressionism
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About Self-Portrait as a Heel, Part Two

Self-Portrait As A Heel, Part Two is a significant artwork created by Jean-Michel Basquiat in 1982. This painting depicts Basquiat himself as a heel wearing a vibrant yellow garment transformed into a tribal mask image. The childish spelling accompanying the drawing in union with the words creates an alternative visual element to the painting.

Measuring 243.8 x 15 cm, Self-Portrait As A Heel, Part Two is one of Basquiat’s most famous neo-expressionism and street art works. Other notable artworks by Basquiat include totemic and archaic Voodoo images, heroes of Afro-American culture, and other references to American popular culture.

This artwork has been replicated in limited-edition lithographs with printed signatures and monikers. Although Basquiat had a tumultuous life and died at the age of 26 years, he made his mark on contemporary art with his prolific graffiti and various experimental mixed media art forms such as this self-portrait which remains highly regarded in contemporary art circles today.

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