Self Portrait (c.1863) by Edgar Degas

Self Portrait - Edgar Degas - c.1863

Artwork Information

TitleSelf Portrait
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Self Portrait

The artwork titled “Self Portrait” was created by the distinguished artist Edgar Degas around the year 1863. This piece is executed in oil on cardboard and is considered to be part of the Impressionism movement, although Degas is more frequently associated with a broader scope of styles. The genre of the work is self-portrait, offering a personal glimpse into the artist’s own visage and character. Currently, the artwork resides within a private collection, highlighting its exclusivity and value.

The artwork itself depicts the artist Edgar Degas with a discernible intensity and introspection. The brushwork is indicative of the Impressionist style, characterized by its loose and expressive strokes, but also demonstrates Degas’ unique approach to portraiture. The color palette is dominated by earthy tones and warm golden hues that give the work a sense of depth and richness. Degas’ face emerges from the shadowy background, with a particular focus on his eyes and beard, which are rendered with thoughtful detail. The overall atmosphere of the portrait is somewhat somber and reflective, with the artist looking directly out at the viewer, establishing a silent, yet powerful, communication. The texture and application of paint on the cardboard surface contribute to the tactile quality of the work, emphasizing the materiality of the medium.

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