Self Portrait Facing Death (1972) by Pablo Picasso

Self Portrait Facing Death - Pablo Picasso - 1972

Artwork Information

TitleSelf Portrait Facing Death
ArtistPablo Picasso
MediumPencil and Crayon on paper
Dimensions65.7 x 50.5 cm
Current LocationFuji Television Gallery, Tokyo

About Self Portrait Facing Death

Pablo Picasso’s Self Portrait Facing Death is regarded as his last significant self-portrait. The painting, completed less than a year before his death, captures the artist’s abstract perspective of facing mortality. The most striking feature of the painting is the vibrant green and pink shading dominating his face, with wide-open eyes staring out from the canvas. This final self-portrait was created using crayon on paper, took several months to complete and displays both fear and courage within its subject.

Picasso worked until his very last moments; he was reportedly still working at 3 am on April 8th which was just hours before his death. His dedication to art remained unwavering until the end, with this portrait being testament to that spirit. Picasso had maintained an impressive career spanning decades by constantly experimenting with various forms and styles of art.

Self Portrait Facing Death depicts a man who knows that death is near but hesitates not in confronting it head-on. It remains an essential piece within Picasso’s vast collection of works highlighting themes such as life, love, loss and fear – all concepts particularly relevant during one’s final days. Pablo Picasso will always be remembered as one of the greatest artists of all time; creating notable pieces throughout his life that continue to inspire generations today.

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