Self-portrait (Fiesole) (1948) by Oskar Kokoschka

Self-portrait (Fiesole) - Oskar Kokoschka - 1948

Artwork Information

TitleSelf-portrait (Fiesole)
ArtistOskar Kokoschka
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions65.5 x 55 cm
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationMusee Jenisch, Vevey

About Self-portrait (Fiesole)

The artwork entitled “Self-portrait (Fiesole)” is a quintessential representation of Oskar Kokoschka’s emotive and introspective approach to artmaking. Completed in 1948, this oil on canvas is a work within the Expressionist movement, a genre characterized by an emphasis on the artist’s subjective experience. With dimensions of 65.5 x 55 cm, this self-portrait reflects the artist’s personal visage and internal state. The artwork currently resides at the Musée Jenisch in Vevey.

In “Self-portrait (Fiesole),” Kokoschka portrays himself with a commanding presence, employing vigorous brushstrokes and a vivid color palette that captures the intensity and depth of his character. The portrait is symphonically orchestrated with layers of paint, revealing the artist’s skillful manipulation of oil as a medium to convey psychological complexity. The use of contrasting warm and cool hues brings forth the artist’s face with a sculptural effect, enhancing the emotive quality typical of Expressionist works. The gaze of the artist is direct and penetrating, suggesting an unflinching examination of the self. The brushwork is dynamic, contributing to a sense of ongoing movement and vitality, which is further accentuated by the fluid rendition of the hand clasping a paintbrush, symbolizing the act of creation and the artist’s engagement with his craft.

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