Self Portrait in a Soft Hat (1858) by Edgar Degas

Self Portrait in a Soft Hat - Edgar Degas - 1858

Artwork Information

TitleSelf Portrait in a Soft Hat
ArtistEdgar Degas
Dimensions26 x 19 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationClark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA, US

About Self Portrait in a Soft Hat

The artwork titled “Self Portrait in a Soft Hat” is an oil on canvas painting by the noted artist Edgar Degas, created in 1858. This self-portrait is a fine example of the Impressionist movement, despite being made earlier than the height of Impressionism. Measuring 26 by 19 centimeters, it is a relatively small-scale piece that offers a glimpse into the artist’s self-perception at a young age. The genre of the artwork is a self-portrait, and it is currently housed at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States.

The artwork depicts a young Edgar Degas wearing a soft hat, his face angled slightly away from a direct frontal view. Presented against a neutral background, his gaze appears introspective yet also engages with the viewer. The brushwork is loose, which allows for the play of light and shadow to define the contours of his face and the texture of the hat. The color palette is subdued with emphasis on earth tones, and pops of orange in his neckwear add vibrancy to the composition. This portrait conveys the character of the subject through the careful study of facial features and the nuanced treatment of light, both hallmarks of Degas’ broader oeuvre.

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