Self-portrait Of The Artist With A Lamp (1903) by Henri Rousseau

Self-portrait Of The Artist With A Lamp - Henri Rousseau - 1903

Artwork Information

TitleSelf-portrait Of The Artist With A Lamp
ArtistHenri Rousseau
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions23 x 19 cm
Current LocationMusee Picasso, Paris

About Self-portrait Of The Artist With A Lamp

Henri Rousseau’s Self-portrait of the Artist with a Lamp, created in 1903, is a Post-Impressionist oil on canvas painting. It features the artist presenting himself in an oversized scale while holding his brush and palette. He is dressed in a dapper suit and traditional beret worn by artists. The landscape background showcases the Eiffel Tower and a ship adorned with several world flags.

Rousseau was self-taught, and his untrained hand can be seen through his awkward perspectives and clumsy compositions. However, history has proven that if he had received formal training, modern art might never have happened. This painting is one of many self-portraits created by Rousseau during his career.

Self-portrait of the Artist with a Lamp can be found at the Musée Picasso in Paris, where it remains one of the most popular works among connoisseurs of art. Not only does this painting capture Rousseau’s personality exceptionally well, but it also reflects Parisian life during that period. It speaks to the era’s enthusiasm for technology along with its fascination with exoticism.

In conclusion, Self-portrait of the Artist with a Lamp created by Henri Rousseau depicts not just an artist presenting himself but also mirrors society at that particular point in time within its composition choices. Its significance lies not just on how well Rousseau depicts himself or shows off Paris’ recognizable landmarks like The Eiffel Tower but rather how it ties into shaping modern art aesthetics as we know them today since it represents an untaught artist breaking traditions from what was considered “good” art back then to having helped shape what we consider great contemporary artwork standards nowadays through timelessness left behind on this very piece showcased at Musée Picasso today – symbolic proof for everyone who admires creative freedom!

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