Self portrait on the Flight of Birds Codex (c.1485; Italy) by Leonardo da Vinci

Self portrait on the Flight of Birds Codex - Leonardo da Vinci - c.1485; Italy

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TitleSelf portrait on the Flight of Birds Codex
ArtistLeonardo da Vinci
Datec.1485; Italy
Art MovementEarly Renaissance

About Self portrait on the Flight of Birds Codex

The artwork titled “Self Portrait on the Flight of Birds Codex” is a work attributed to the renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci, dating back to circa 1485 and originating from Italy. This self-portrait, executed during the Early Renaissance, exemplifies the movement’s characteristic focus on realistic depiction and humanism. The genre of the artwork fits into the self-portrait category, offering a personal glimpse into the artist’s self-perception.

The artwork presents the intense gaze of a male figure, presumably Leonardo himself, amidst a flurry of script and sketches. The artist’s visage is central, crafted with soft yet defined features, capturing an introspective and serene expression. Overlaying the portrait, there are faint outlines and configurations suggestive of birds in flight, which mirrors Leonardo’s fascination with nature and his visionary concepts on human-powered flight. The background and surrounding area are filled with illegible text and more draft-like studies, alluding to the iterative and investigative process typical of Leonardo’s artistic and scientific endeavors. Despite the faded elements and the time-worn hue of the piece, the central portrait remains a striking and enigmatic testament to the artist’s skill and the quintessential Renaissance pursuit of knowledge through art.

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