Self-portrait (1907) by Pablo Picasso

Self-portrait - Pablo Picasso - c.1900

Artwork Information

ArtistPablo Picasso
Dimensions22.5 x 16.5 cm
Art MovementRealism
Current LocationMuseu Picasso, Barcelona, Spain

About Self-portrait

The artwork titled “Self-portrait” is a creation of the esteemed artist Pablo Picasso, dated circa 1900. Demonstrating Picasso’s competency in the Realism movement, this charcoal on paper artwork measures 22.5 x 16.5 cm. The genre of the piece is, as the title suggests, a self-portrait. This introspective work is part of the collection at the Museu Picasso, located in Barcelona, Spain.

The artwork exudes the stark essence of realism, capturing the youthful visage of Picasso with penetrating attention to detail. In this self-portrait, the artist presents himself with direct gaze and ample definition in the facial features, achieved through bold and confident strokes of charcoal. The use of light and shadow within the portrait not only highlights his features but also gives a sense of volume and depth to the facial structure. Picasso’s intense expression is accentuated by the darkened eyes, which stand as a focal point of the self-study. Despite its modest dimensions, the portrait emits a profound presence, inviting viewers to ponder on the emotional and psychological state of the artist at the time of its conception. The precision and depth of the drawing hint at Picasso’s early academic training and his masterful control of the medium.

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