Self Portrait (c.1890; Paris, France) by Paul Gauguin

Self Portrait - Paul Gauguin - c.1890; Paris, France

Artwork Information

TitleSelf Portrait
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Datec.1890; Paris, France
Dimensions46 x 38 cm
Art MovementPost-Impressionism
Current LocationPushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia

About Self Portrait

The artwork titled “Self Portrait” is a creation by the artist Paul Gauguin, dated circa 1890 and produced in Paris, France. This piece is executed in oil on canvas, measuring 46 by 38 centimeters. It belongs to the Post-Impressionism movement and falls within the genre of self-portrait. Presently, the artwork is housed at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, Russia.

The portrait exudes the characteristic style of Post-Impressionism, with bold, expressive color and a departure from the fine detail of Impressionism to convey a more subjective and emotional self-representation. The figure of the artist stares directly at the viewer, creating an engaging and intense experience. The use of color is striking, with warm and cool tones that accentuate the artist’s facial features and expression. The brushstrokes are visible and lend a textural quality to the surface, further emphasizing the emotional depth of the artwork. It captures a moment of introspection, where Gauguin presents himself not only as he appears, but perhaps also as he perceives himself in that particular period of his life. The signature of Paul Gauguin can be seen in the lower left area of the canvas, adding a personal touch to the composition.

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