Self Portrait (the Art Of Painting) (1958) by Aaron Bohrod

Self Portrait (the Art Of Painting) - Aaron Bohrod - 1958

Artwork Information

TitleSelf Portrait (the Art Of Painting)
ArtistAaron Bohrod
MediumOil On Gesso Panel
Dimensions12 x 9 in
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Self Portrait (the Art Of Painting)

Self-portrait, created by Aaron Bohrod in 1932 and acquired by the Olivia Shaler Swan Fund in 1958, is an example of the painter’s notable works. Born in Chicago in 1907, Bohrod was a self-taught artist who copied comics and anatomical illustrations before studying at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Throughout his career, he worked in various styles, including realism, surrealism and trompe-l’oeil painting. His works are held in prestigious collections such as the Art Institute of Chicago, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Whitney Museum of American Art.

This particular portrait depicts the artist himself painting at an easel. It showcases his attention to detail with subtle strokes that illustrate every brushstroke on the canvas he is working on. Moreover, it highlights his skillful use of light and shadow to portray depth within the image. The self-portrait is not only a demonstration of Bohrod’s technical proficiency but also a reflection of his genuine passion for painting that exudes from his expression.

In conclusion, Self-portrait by Aaron Bohrod stands out as an excellent example of classic realism combined with personal sentimentality through its precise depiction of a painter engrossed in art-making activity.

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