Self-portrait (1588) by Tintoretto

Self-portrait - Tintoretto - 1588

Artwork Information

MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions63 x 52 cm
Art MovementMannerism (Late Renaissance)
Current LocationLouvre, Paris, France

About Self-portrait

The artwork titled “Self-portrait” is a creation of the artist Tintoretto, dated to the year 1588. It is an oil on canvas piece, measuring 63 by 52 centimeters, and is currently housed at the Louvre in Paris, France. The painting is representative of the Mannerism movement, which was a phase in the Late Renaissance era that emphasized artificiality and stylized forms over the more naturalistic approach of the High Renaissance.

This self-portrait by Tintoretto reveals a thoughtful and introspective depiction of the artist at an advanced age, his face marked by the passage of time. The color palette is subdued, dominated by earthy tones that blend harmoniously into the dark background, giving a solemn and reflective mood to the piece. There is a palpable depth in the representation of his features, from the furrows in his brow to the intricate folds of his attire. Tintoretto’s gaze is striking, directed outward toward the viewer with an intensity that suggests wisdom and experience. Despite the limited use of color, the artwork is rich in texture, particularly evident in the rendering of the artist’s beard and hair, which are captured with meticulous detail. The stark lighting contributes to the dramatic effect, highlighting the contours of Tintoretto’s face and reinforcing the overall gravity of the portrait. As with many self-portraits, this work serves not only as a visual record of the artist’s physical appearance but also as a profound personal statement, inviting contemplation on the nature of art, aging, and legacy.

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