Self-portrait with champagne glass (1919) by Max Beckmann

Self-portrait with champagne glass - Max Beckmann - 1919

Artwork Information

TitleSelf-portrait with champagne glass
ArtistMax Beckmann
Art MovementVerism

About Self-portrait with champagne glass

The artwork titled “Self-portrait with champagne glass” is a compelling creation by the artist Max Beckmann, completed in the year 1919. This piece is categorized under the Verism art movement and embraces the genre of self-portraiture. It represents a period where the artist engaged in an intense exploration of self-identity and expression.

In this artwork, the central figure, presumably Beckmann himself, is depicted with sharp, angular features that convey a sense of intensity and psychological depth. The strong contours and exaggerated forms are characteristic of Beckmann’s approach during this time. The figure‚Äôs direct gaze confronts the viewer, creating an undeniable sense of engagement. He holds a champagne glass aloft in one hand, while the other hand is positioned near what appears to be a bottle of champagne resting on the table. This may symbolize a celebration or an ironic commentary on the nature of celebration in the post-war context.

The color palette used in the artwork is robust, with dominant reds and ochres contributing to an ambiance that is at once festive and unsettling. The background is populated with a secondary figure, depicted with a grotesque and rather caricature-like smile, which may imply a commentary on the society of that era. The hints of paintings within the painting suggest a reflective and layered approach to the composition, allowing a glimpse into Beckmann’s thoughts on art and its place in the world.

The overall effect of the artwork is one of complex emotion, rendered through Beckmann’s distinctive expressionistic style that emphasizes the internal state of the subject rather than adhering strictly to realistic representation. The “Self-portrait with champagne glass” is an intimate snapshot of the artist at a pivotal time, blending personal narrative with broader cultural critique.

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