Self-portrait with Dr Arrieta (1820) by Francisco Goya

Self-portrait with Dr Arrieta - Francisco Goya - 1820

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Artwork Information

TitleSelf-portrait with Dr Arrieta
ArtistFrancisco Goya
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions117 x 79 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationMinneapolis Institute of Arts

About Self-portrait with Dr Arrieta

The artwork titled “Self-portrait with Dr Arrieta” is by the renowned artist Francisco Goya and dates back to the year 1820. This oil on canvas creation is a notable representation of the Romanticism art movement. The artwork measures 117 cm by 79 cm and can be classified as a portrait. At present, it is housed at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

In the artwork, Francisco Goya portrays a deeply personal moment, capturing his own likeness at a time of illness and vulnerability. He is depicted being supported by his physician, Dr. Arrieta, who is attentively administering care. The setting appears intimate and somber, possibly a reflection of Goya’s state of health when the work was executed. The physician’s expression conveys a mix of concentration and compassion, while Goya himself appears resigned yet trusting, his face embodying fatigue and a quiet acceptance of his condition.

In the foreground, Dr. Arrieta is shown holding a glass, presumably with medicine, to Goya’s lips, illustrating the direct and life-saving intervention by the doctor. The background is dark with indistinct figures observing the scene, which may symbolize other individuals or perhaps the shadows of illness itself. A patch of text at the bottom of the portrait further emphasizes the bond between the artist and the doctor, marking Goya’s gratitude towards the caregiver who attended him during a grave period. The overall composition, the subdued palette with strategic use of light to highlight the faces and hands, and the emotional depth, all contribute to this being a poignant and compelling piece within Goya’s oeuvre.

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