Self-Portrait with Horn (1938) by Max Beckmann

Self-Portrait with Horn - Max Beckmann - 1938

Artwork Information

TitleSelf-Portrait with Horn
ArtistMax Beckmann
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions101 x 110 cm
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Self-Portrait with Horn

“Self-Portrait with Horn” is an oil on canvas artwork by Max Beckmann, created in 1938, which embodies the Expressionist art movement. The self-portrait is notable for its dimensions of 101 by 110 centimeters and is currently held in a private collection. The genre of this artwork is, as indicated by its title, a self-portrait.

The artwork presents a compelling self-representation of the artist, where Beckmann is depicted with a stark, piercing gaze that confronts the viewer. He holds a horn in his right hand, which is brought close to his body, adding an element of personal symbolism that is open to interpretation. Beckmann is dressed in what appears to be a striped robe, offering a rich contrast of red and black tones that intensify the emotional expression.

Executed in an Expressionist manner, the painting features a bold use of color and dramatic contrast that emphasize the psychological intensity of the subject. The background remains indistinct, allowing the focus to remain on the detailed portrayal of Beckmann’s face and hands. The use of thick, deliberate brushstrokes contributes to the textured surface of the canvas, enhancing the emotive quality of the self-portrait. The somber mood and Beckmann’s introspective expression suggest a depth of character and perhaps reflect the personal or political tensions of the era in which it was painted.

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