Self-portrait with Isabella Brant (c. 1610) by Peter Paul Rubens

Self-portrait with Isabella Brant - Peter Paul Rubens - c. 1610

Artwork Information

TitleSelf-portrait with Isabella Brant
ArtistPeter Paul Rubens
Datec. 1610
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions174 x 132 cm
Current LocationAlte Pinakothek, Munich

About Self-portrait with Isabella Brant

Peter Paul Rubens was a Flemish painter who created the artwork “Self-Portrait with Isabella Brant” around 1610. The portrait depicts Rubens and his first wife, Isabella Brant, who he married in Antwerp on October 3, 1609. The intimate portrait suggests a close relationship between the two, as they are depicted in an affectionate embrace.

This artwork is drawn in colored chalks with pale brown wash and white heightening. It showcases Rubens’s exquisite Baroque style of painting that is known for its dynamism, vitality, and sensuous exuberance. Isabella Brant served as the model for a nymph in another work by Rubens.

The portrait was executed at least five years before Isabella’s death at age 35. It offers insight into their relationship during their early marriage years and provides a glimpse into their lives together. This artwork serves as a testament to the love shared between Peter Paul Rubens and Isabella Brant during their brief but intense time together.

In summary, “Self-Portrait with Isabella Brant” by Peter Paul Rubens is an exquisite artwork that showcases his artistic prowess while offering insight into his personal life with his first wife, whom he deeply loved.

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