Self-portrait With Outstretched Arms (1911) by Egon Schiele

Self-portrait With Outstretched Arms - 1911 - by Egon Schiele

Artwork Information

TitleSelf-portrait With Outstretched Arms
ArtistEgon Schiele
MediumGouache, Watercolor And Pencil On Paper
Dimensions19 x 12 1/2 in. (48.2 x 31.7 cm)
Current LocationGraphische Sammlung Albertina, Vienna
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About Self-portrait With Outstretched Arms

Egon Schiele’s 1911 painting, “Self-Portrait with Outstretched Arms,” depicts the artist in an expressive and revealing pose. The portrait demonstrates Schiele’s fascination with subjective experience and self-reflection. The color scheme is limited to browns, with only certain areas of the body tinted red. Schiele often painted nude figures in his work, which were emotionally charged and unapologetic.

The pose of the self-portrait is suggestive of the crucified Christ, with Schiele’s outstretched arm awkwardly bent at the elbow. This nod to religious symbolism adds depth and meaning to the painting. Interestingly enough, this piece was part of a series that depicted Schiele alone, further emphasizing his introspective themes.

The intense emotion that emanates from this painting speaks to many viewers on a personal level as they reflect on their own experiences with introspection or self-analysis. This groundbreaking work has had a profound impact on modern art as we know it today. It is just one example of how art can symbolize not only what we see but also what we feel within ourselves – whether that be our fears or joys – while simultaneously illustrating universal human experiences in ways traditional paintings cannot hope to match without these important insights into our psyches that Egon brings forth from himself through painted image.

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