Shakespeare at Dusk (1935) by Edward Hopper

Shakespeare at Dusk - Edward Hopper - 1935

Artwork Information

TitleShakespeare at Dusk
ArtistEdward Hopper
Art MovementNew Realism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Shakespeare at Dusk

The artwork entitled “Shakespeare at Dusk” was created by artist Edward Hopper in 1935. It is a representative piece of the New Realism art movement, specifically classified as a cityscape. Currently, this artwork resides within a private collection.

“Shakespeare at Dusk” captures a tranquil urban park scene as day transitions into night. The artwork is defined by a subdued color palette, primarily rendered in warm, dusky tones that suggest the end of the day. Dominating the composition is the silhouette of a statue, presumably of William Shakespeare, placed on a pedestal, which serves as a strong focal point in the piece. Bare trees flank the statue, their branches reaching towards a sky that radiates with the afterglow of the setting sun.

In the background, the outlines of buildings and a distinct neon sign are visible, implicating the proximity of bustling city life despite the stillness of the immediate scene. A solitary street lamp stands to the left, its light yet to overcome the fading natural light. The smooth, almost reflective pathways carve gentle curves through the park, inviting the viewer’s eye to meander through the composition. Overall, the artwork emanates a sense of quietude and introspection, emblematic of Hopper’s poignant explorations of modern American life and the varying degrees of isolation within it.

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