Side and frontal view of the female head (1528) by Albrecht Durer

Side and frontal view of the female head - Albrecht Durer - 1528

Artwork Information

TitleSide and frontal view of the female head
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance

About Side and frontal view of the female head

The image provided appears to not be the correct artwork corresponding to the title “Side and frontal view of the female head” by Albrecht Dürer, as the description you’ve given suggests a study of the female head. Instead, the image depicts a full-body diagram of a female figure in both profile and frontal view, marked with various measurements and proportions. However, considering this image may be a part of a larger series or study by Albrecht Dürer, who is indeed known for his work on human proportions and was associated with the Northern Renaissance, we can provide insight based on the related context.

Albrecht Dürer, the artist, created this woodcut in 1528, during a period where the Northern Renaissance flourished, and artists and intellectuals were deeply engaged in the exploration of human anatomy and proportion. The movement emphasized precision, attention to detail, and a deep respect for classical themes and styles combined with a northern European sensibility. Dürer’s particular expertise lay in printmaking, drawing, painting, and theoretical works, and he often created detailed sketches and studies as part of his extensive examination of human form.

In the artwork genre of a sketch and study, Dürer’s work in the image provided shows intricate numerical annotations that suggest it is an analytical study of the human body. Observed are the side and front views of a female figure, meticulously labeled with numbers at various key points of the anatomy, indicating a study of proportions. Although this specific image focuses on the body instead of the head, the systematic approach seen here is consistent with Dürer’s well-documented interest in geometry, mathematics, and ideal human proportions, which he also applied to the study of the head and face in other works.

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