Silent dunes (2021) by Pol Ledent

Silent dunes - Pol Ledent - 2021

Artwork Information

TitleSilent dunes
ArtistPol Ledent
MediumOil on Canvas

About Silent dunes

The artwork titled “Silent dunes,” created by artist Pol Ledent in 2021, is an oil on canvas that measures 27.6×27.6 inches. The genre of the piece falls under abstract art, and it aligns with the abstract art movement. This genre is characterized by an intention to convey ideas and evoke emotions independent of visual references in the world.

Upon inspection of the artwork, one can observe a vivid interplay of color and texture, delivering a complex visual composition that may conjure a multitude of interpretations. The palette used is varied, consisting of earthy tones that blend into tranquil blues interspersed with bold dabs of contrasting colors. These elements together suggest an abstract landscape, evoking the quietude and vastness the title implies. The layering of paint and the gestural brushstrokes contribute to a sense of depth and movement, as if capturing a fleeting moment of natural grandeur through an expressive, non-representational form.

This abstract canvas elicits contemplation, as its title “Silent dunes” implies a landscape of solitude and serenity, yet its abstract nature frees the viewer from the confines of literal interpretation, allowing for a personal connection and imagination to influence the experience of the artwork.

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