Singer with stringed instrument by Hendrick Terbrugghen

Singer with stringed instrument - Hendrick Terbrugghen -

Artwork Information

TitleSinger with stringed instrument
ArtistHendrick Terbrugghen
Art MovementBaroque

About Singer with stringed instrument

“Singer with stringed instrument” is a captivating artwork by the skilled artist Hendrick Terbrugghen who operated during the Baroque era. The piece is executed in oil on canvas, a medium typical for its period, and exemplifies the genre painting category, focusing on scenes of everyday life. Terbrugghen’s deftness in this oeuvre is part of what contributes to his standing as a noteworthy Baroque artist.

The artwork depicts a closely-cropped scene centered on a figure engaged in playing a stringed instrument, which appears to be a violin. The subject is dressed in a red and black garment with a distinctive, ruffled white collar peeking out, typical of the fashion of the Baroque period. The musician’s eyes are wide, gazing outward, possibly focusing on a particular element or in a state of deep concentration. His mouth is slightly open as if he is in mid-song, which adds a dynamic and expressive nature to the tableau.

The handling of light is masterful, emphasizing the texture of the cloth, the soft flesh of the face, and the reflective surface of the instrument. The color palette is rich yet subdued, creating a sense of depth and form through the contrast of deep shadows and highlighted areas. The figure’s black hat is adorned with a large feather, adding a flourish that complements the overall appearance of the character depicted. The craftsmanship of Terbrugghen is clear in the lifelike representation of the figure and its costume, capturing a moment of artistic performance with naturalistic detail and emotive power.

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