Sister Parish (1995) by Aaron Shikler

Sister Parish - Aaron Shikler - 1995

Artwork Information

TitleSister Parish
ArtistAaron Shikler
Art MovementNew Realism
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About Sister Parish

Artist Aaron Shikler was well-known for his stunning portraits of American statesmen and celebrities. Among his notable works is a portrait he painted of his personal friend, Sister Parish, in 1995. This portrait depicts Sister Parish in the New Realism style, which is characterized by an emphasis on sharp detail and distortion-free depiction. Shikler’s use of this style perfectly captures the no-nonsense essence of Sister Parish, who was a legendary interior decorator known for her traditional and elegant designs.

The portrait is strikingly lifelike, with every line etched into the canvas with precision. Sadly, Shikler passed away in November 2015, leaving behind a significant artistic legacy that included several other iconic paintings such as portraits of John F. Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, and Ronald Reagan.

Despite his passing, Shikler’s influence will continue to inspire artists everywhere to create timeless pieces that capture the essence of their subjects with clarity and grace. Overall, Aaron Shikler’s portrait of Sister Parish is an exceptional piece that showcases both artists’ talents while capturing the essence of a remarkable individual in a unique style that still resonates today amongst art lovers everywhere.

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