Sister Parish (1995) by Aaron Shikler

Sister Parish - Aaron Shikler - 1995

Artwork Information

TitleSister Parish
ArtistAaron Shikler
Art MovementNew Realism

About Sister Parish

The artwork named “Sister Parish” is a portrait created by the artist Aaron Shikler in 1995, situated within the New Realism art movement. As a genre, this work is categorized as a portrait, signifying a representation of an individual, possibly capturing not just the physical likeness but also a sense of the subject’s presence and character.

The artwork presents a woman dressed in a luxurious, golden-hued garment, sitting on what appears to be a lavish settee or sofa. Her attire, which closely resembles a richly embroidered robe or perhaps a formal gown, is complex in texture and imparts an air of elegance and refinement. She is adorned with an elaborate multi-strand necklace and what appears to be a brooch; elements that further convey an aspect of wealth or high social standing.

The subject holds a dog, likely a cherished companion, whose presence introduces a warm, personal element to the composition. The affectionate interaction between the woman and the animal suggests a moment of quiet intimacy and comfort. This is juxtaposed with the more formal and reserved expression on her face, which offers an intriguing blend of personal solace and social persona.

In the background is a cabinet or hutch displaying what seem to be decorative plates – another indication of the taste and lifestyle that surrounds the subject. The artwork masterfully balances the interplay of light and shadow, contributing to the overall mood of well-appointed tranquility. Aaron Shikler’s technique in this portrait likely reflects a keen observation of detail and an adeptness in conveying not just a visual likeness but also the nuanced atmosphere of the setting.

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