Sitting woman drying herself by Edgar Degas

Sitting woman drying herself - Edgar Degas -

Artwork Information

TitleSitting woman drying herself
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism

About Sitting woman drying herself

The artwork “Sitting Woman Drying Herself” is a sculpture created by the renowned impressionist artist Edgar Degas. This work is a fine example of the Impressionism movement, which is characterized by a focus on light and its changing qualities, the passage of time, and movement as an element of human perception and experience.

The sculpture portrays a woman in a state of repose, engaging in the intimate act of drying herself. The figure is seated, her body bent forward, with one arm raised to her head. The artist has captured the figure with a remarkable attention to detail and realism in the muscles and the curves of her body. The texture and finish of the sculpture are rough, with an emphasis on the tactile quality of the medium, reflecting Degas’ ability to translate the spontaneity and vibrancy of his subjects into his sculptural works. The dynamic pose of the woman suggests motion, a transient moment captured in bronze. The play of light and shadow on the surface would have been of particular interest to the Impressionist artist, creating a sense of depth and vitality.

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