Skating in Holland (c.1890) by Johan Jongkind

Skating in Holland - Johan Jongkind - c.1890

Artwork Information

TitleSkating in Holland
ArtistJohan Jongkind
Dimensions31.8 x 46.4 cm
Current LocationNational Gallery, London, UK

About Skating in Holland

The artwork “Skating in Holland” by Johan Jongkind, dated circa 1890, is an oil painting with the dimensions of 31.8 x 46.4 cm. It is housed at the National Gallery in London, United Kingdom. This work depicts a serene wintertime scene reflective of Dutch leisure during the colder months.

The artwork conveys the chilly ambiance of a winter’s day in Holland, as individuals partake in the pastime of ice skating. Jongkind has utilized a muted palette dominated by greys and browns, interspersed with subtle highlights that draw the viewer’s eye. In the foreground, skaters are depicted with brisk, suggestive brushstrokes, conveying movement and the vivacious energy of the scene. One can appreciate how the artist captures the interactions of the skaters and the sense of community present during this recreational activity.

In the middle ground, bare trees and fences provide compositional elements that lead the eye deeper into the scene, where the ice extends towards the horizon. Here, the silhouette of a small gathering around a source of light suggests human warmth and reprieve amidst the wintry environment.

The background is punctuated by the iconic silhouette of Dutch windmills, standing against a sky fraught with dynamic, expressive clouds. The overall impression given by the work is one of dynamism and atmospheric depth, characteristic of Jongkind’s style, which reflects the transitional influence between the Dutch painting tradition and Impressionism.

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